About Us

The journey that has been long lasting for the last 40 years had began when Aykut Hamzagil decided to leave company that he was working with relatives to start a business with a different point of view in 1971.

Despite all the negative criticism from his surroundings for moving to a small store that was only 12 m2 and daring to start a business which was not known at all, he choose to believe in his path and started the business as 'Hamzagil' Company.

Being very ambitious about his first store, he wanted to reflect a unique style by using a color in the red on the floor, painting the walls in navy blue and using white furniture which were all very original for that time being, it didn’t take long until designers, stylists and models began visiting the store.

‘ The customer profile visiting my shop probably never had been to Sultanhamam before ‘

It took two months to achieve his one-year goal by selling garment fabrics to the major brands of the apparel market, this way he managed to announce his name and brand to the market.

‘ If you dare to try something different and do it right, you do not need to attract the customers, they will come looking for you ’

‘How can I make a difference?’

After a few years passed by he moved to his on going store today; Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi no. 13 Sisli , which was thought to be a mistake by his surroundings because that wasn’t an appropriate area for a fabric store.

His journey in the upholstery fabrics began by the time he decided to redecorate his home when his first child was born, Ahmet Nuri . Having observed a simplification in textiles all over the world, he decides to use white fabrics for his home but fails to find none in the market, even the producers in Bursa rejected the idea, assuming the consumers would not prefer the color white for furnishing. In order to use 30 meters for his home, he orders 300 meters to a factory. Afterwards, he decides to display the rest of the fabrics on sale in his store.

‘ All the women coming to my shop recognized the upholstery from their visits to Europe, United States of America, and immediately placed orders for their homes. ‘

Within 2 years the color white became the big hit for upholstery fabric market, this success was his move to get in to the home textiles business bearing his own name, the new company; Aykut Hamzagil

By the birth of his second child, Ali in 1984, the search begins for the matching fabrics for baby’s room and child’s room but finds none so he decides to produce what he had been looking for. Although his first objective is to sell the fabrics, he believed there should be to more it, by telling the story of each collection and not only by adding ready made products or the accessories with the fabrics but also decorating them all together with a personal style.

‘ It’s the style we offer to our customers, not fashion. We welcome them to our world, not to our shop. Fashion is temporary, but the style is hard to achieve but long lasting. ‘

‘ Creating something new doesn’t necessarily mean demolishing the old, but redefining it by preserving the essentials should the priority. ’

Welcome to the world of Aykut Hamzagil